MRO/CRO Specific Services

As a vendor providing services to the airline industry, you’re finding increasingly it difficult to keep your customers happy. Each company you support has its own unique set of requirements. You face increased regulatory oversight as well as new regulations, conspiring to make your already hard job that much more difficult. You make every effort to improve quality, reduce warranty claims and improve turn times, but, more and more frequently, no matter how hard you try, you don’t seem to satisfy your customer’s needs.

"… They act as a direct extension of our Engineering Department to monitor and support the shop activity on our parts…"

It’s no secret that airline profits are down and many of them are struggling to stay afloat. Their desperation to cut costs directly impacts your revenue. There aren’t many qualified engineers or technical writers out there to help you satisfy your customer’s needs and even when you can find them, adding additional personnel to your payroll will exacerbate your cash flow problems. How many of the following scenarios have you faced in the last 6 months Let Aviation Technology Associates LLC help you resolve them cost-effectively:

  • You are experts at repairing parts but always seem to be at odds with your customers (airlines, owner/operators). At AVTECH, we are liaison experts and can help you improve your relationships with your customers, get you more work and quicker approvals.
  • You speak ‘part repair,’ your customers speak ‘airline operations’. At AVTECH, we are fluent in both languages and can help you improve communications and customer satisfaction.
  • Your customers are getting pickier, the FAA is getting more and more involved in your operations and your repair approval times are taking longer than ever. AVTECH can help you improve the quality of your paperwork, improve communications with your customers, ensure that you are meeting all regulatory requirements and reduce FAA approval times.
  • Your high warranty claims are killing your profit. AVTECH will work with you to resolve your quality issues and MTBO’s, and thus reduce warranty costs.
  • You know your turn times are too long, but you don’t have time to work on improving them. AVTECH can help you reduce your turn times while you carry on with day-to-day business.
  • You want more business, but it is hard to get airlines to buy your services, either because of past failures or because you are an unknown quantity. AVTECH has worked closely with the airlines for years and can help bring more business to your door and help you keep it in your organization.
  • Your customers have Part 26 (FCBS) requirements, but you don’t have resources or knowledge to help them prepare. At AVTECH we already have Part 26 experience and we can help you develop a plan to satisfy each customer’s specific Part 26 needs.

We have a proven track record of accomplishing all of these things and more for our vendor/MRO/CRO partners. From technical writing and document creation to DER approvals, AVTECH can provide you with the services you need when you need them.

Trust AvTech for all your aviation industry needs.