Aviation Technology Associates was founded to better address the maintenance and engineering needs of the aviation community. Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of the aviation industry by providing the highest level of engineering and technical services to airlines, MRO’s and aircraft manufacturers at an affordable cost.

As airline employees prior to founding AVTECH, we experienced first-hand the challenges of maintaining aircraft in today’s environment of escalating costs, changing maintenance requirements and shrinking revenues. We saw an opportunity to change the model for aviation maintenance by providing the highest level of service at much more affordable prices – because we are a group of independent contractors, we can offer a wide range of on-demand skills and services, and you pay only for what you need, only when you need it.

Our background and experience is a melting pot of commercial aviation, but our endeavors and the relationships we have built have led us into many other aspects of the aviation industry. We have experienced individuals in Quality Assurance and auditing, Non-Destructive Testing, new part design, reverse engineering, engineering oversight, audits, training, contract negotiation, request for quotes, and project outsourcing/management. We also provide services in the light aircraft and military aviation sectors. Our skill set lends itself to any number of maintenance and manufacturing activities both within and outside the aerospace industry. We are here to help you with your engineering and management needs in your industry, whatever it may be.

As a fully mobile, 100% engineering-driven firm, we are agile and cost-effective. While our core team is a small group of engineers, quality auditors, inspectors, and DERs, we have ready access to a large group of associates with specialties in most all industry disciplines. No matter how big or small the task; if you insist on the highest standards at an affordable price, you need AVTECH.

With a dedicated and experienced core team that has worked and with the world’s premier airlines and MRO’s, we are well known throughout the industry for setting a new standard in aerospace maintenance and engineering.

Trust AvTech for all your aviation industry needs.