Expert Services for OEMs

For OEMs in the Aerospace Industry, technical personnel requirements can change without notice. You need to be able to respond instantly, but carrying the overhead of additional full-time employees could destroy your bottom line. Instead, let AVTECH provide you with the flexible workforce you really need.

When you utilize AVTECH's services, you pay only for the staffing you need and because the AVTECH team offers the highest level of technical staffing, you can expect superior results. And as ex-airline employees we offer the additional benefit of truly understanding the wants and needs of your primary customers.

AVTECH resources are available on-demand for short- or long-term projects to help you meet both production and liaison requirements. From technical writing to document creation to DER approvals to process improvement, AVTECH can provide you with the services you need, when you need them.

Trust AvTech for all your aviation industry needs.